The word itself is actually translated as healing

Mankind has long been looking for a method that will not only lead to a cure for various diseases, but also change the very quality of life, direct it in the direction of awareness. And we all understand, of course, that this article is not about traditional medicine, although no one is going to challenge its effectiveness.

What we want to do now is not to discuss diagnoses, symptoms and healing methods, but to talk about how we can deal with the causes of diseases and ailments, how to change negative programs and feelings, how to transform your life and become more successful and happy. Human problems are not limited only to medical terms, but are often related to karma, birth programs, and their own attitudes, experiences and feelings.

Healing, SCE-Healing and Rakey, similarity of difference.

There are many directions and varieties of ‘Healing’ systems, as well as many spiritual practices, religions, which sometimes differ sharply and dramatically from each other. They are often contradictory, although if analyzed in depth, there is still one thing in common.

Everything starts with a personality, i.e. a person himself, with his Soul. A movement must always be inward, into itself, into its world. That’s where we can find the answers to all our many questions. However, everyone chooses their own path.

For example, theta hilling and SCE hilling. These are absolutely two different systems of healing, both in approach and in practice of energies. The SCE hilling is more like a rake. It is based on interaction with the Creator’s energy, with the Energy of Unconditional Love. The tools are similar – similar session practice, meditation, no healers or patients energy is used.

Now let us introduce you to the term SCE and this system. Light Crystal Energy Healing is a multidimensional flow. It is the integrity and harmonious plexus of the four energies of the Father, Mother, Lord and Holy Spirit. SCE Healing is more suitable for intuitive natures who begin their energetic practices, who seek the simplest possible tool, who believe in the miracles and laws of the universe.

It is creativity in its purest form, it is a direct and open conversation with yourself and the Creator, it is search and dialogue about the eternal and important, it is not always a simple Path, but always an opportunity to change life for the better.

Healing, how justified is Theta Healing’s deep psyche practice?

In contrast, Theta Healing is intended more for skeptics who require scientific explanation and proof, for those who want to rely on their own mind and dry logic in everything. They are always ready to “paint” the brain, but not always ready to believe that you can not touch and see clearly. So instead of improving health, sometimes you can get the opposite effect. After all, all known systems work with the physical body and physical problems, and this is yesterday.

Has anyone ever wondered why God at birth disconnects a person’s memory? Because by coming into this world, we have a chance to start all over again, to fulfill the mission from scratch. What happened doesn’t matter anymore. What is important for the salvation and development of the soul is what happens here and now, what you do, what people you love, what experience you get today. Every day that you live and every person that you meet, every feeling that you feel is what you have come to this Life for.

Author’s system of healing with light crystal energy SCE-Hilling.

The difference between SCE-Hilling and the lath is in the quality and filling of the energy flow. In the slats is the energy of the holy spirit, in SCE-healing is the energy of the god father, mother, holy spirit, light crystal energy and energy isoteric signs of Tarot, flower of life, runes.

The result is a multi-dimensional flow that can delicately affect the deep levels, harmonizing all spheres of being. In sessions of raki practitioner passes the universe energy through itself and heals, as a rule, the imposition of hands. It is only with experienced Masters that the entire chakra system is activated. It should be noted that the SCE-Hilling Masters have the crystal system included in their work.

In the teaching method, we have extended the range of application of traditional Japanese symbols, which are difficult to study and understand, to more familiar and common symbols in international esotericism and medicine, such as: Flower of Life, Tarot Senior Arkans, Tarot Junior Arkans, Runes.

We hope that with the introduction of this innovation, the learning process will become more attractive and interesting, more effective, and most importantly, that everyone will find an important path to their happiness.

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