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At present, there are many unique areas of non-traditional medicine, which serve as excellent assistants in the work of masters of spiritual practice. Complex therapy allows you to get stunning results, making the patient’s condition easier even in severe cases.

Why are we sick?

Official medicine only treats the physical body, so most often it is only possible to temporarily eliminate visible symptoms. But if the disease has already manifested itself, it indicates that the person has been accumulating problems for years. And in order to heal the physical body, you have to start by restoring more subtle levels.

Theta-Hilling is a meditation that changes reality.

“Nealing” translates from English as “healing,” a theta is one of five brain waves. Theta Healing is a new spiritual direction, which became widespread in Russia a few years ago.

It is based on the idea of electric brain activity. During the theta meditation through the subconscious it is possible to reach the sources of problems to get instant results in any field of activity.

Theta Hilling Vianna Stable

The technology originated in 1995 and spread rapidly all over the world. The founder of the direction is the American Vianna Stable, a mother of three children, who as a child used her gift of clairvoyance and treated patients.

Vianna developed Theta Healing as a technique that instantly healed people and saved them from hip cancer. She found a scientific explanation for her gift when the electroencephalograph recorded how her brain functioned on a Theta wave during sessions. Having carefully studied all available scientific data on theta state, she found a way to teach this technique to other people.

Theta-Hilling is able to help in even the most seemingly intractable situations. A theta state reveals intuitive abilities, removes blocks, and indicates programs that prevent you from achieving what you want. One begins to feel superior to one’s own thoughts and desires; one’s life changes like one’s own.

A theta state awakens and enhances all of man’s natural abilities. Mastery of technique is learned in practice, but the first extraordinary changes are observed by the practitioners already on the first day.

How does Theta Hilling work

A person directs the conscious concentration of thought to the Source of All Being, thus moving to another level of consciousness, which is called “Theta”. The potential of Theta Healing has no limits, because limitations exist only in our heads.

Reiki is a great gift and a great responsibility.

The Japanese character “Reiki” consists of two parts: “Reiki” – universe, soul; “Kee” – energy, mind, heart. It is an ancient technique based on working with energy, creating life and maintaining it in harmony.

The energy is transferred to the patient through the hands of a healer. And it feels extraordinary! The healer is a “conductor” of Reiki energy and does not use his own, so he does not get tired after a session, but rather feels a burst of energy.

Reiki harmonizes both the patient and the healer. During a session, natural vibrations are created and each cell of the human body begins to function according to its purpose.

Reiki provides an opportunity to treat at a distance and in time, to work through situations, to charge objects, food, medicines and water. By its nature, energy only carries love and does not cause harm.

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