Magnetotherapy and neodymium magnets

Have you ever experienced a severe headache for no particular reason? Have you noticed any periodic deterioration of your condition? You have probably tried to find an explanation for these phenomena in exhaustion, possible diseases and other subjective factors. Have you ever thought about the fact that your health may be affected by some external influence?

We all live on Earth, and we have to obey objective natural laws. One of the fundamental laws of life on our planet is its heliophysical parameters. They are the ones that define many properties of living organisms.

Recently more and more experiments and researches which confirm influence of a magnetic field of the Earth on biological and physiological processes occurring in alive organisms are carried out.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, a person is unable to influence the magnetic field to which he is exposed on Earth. But at the same time, everyone has their own magnetic field. His work involves the movement of blood through the vessels. If the body is healthy and in normal conditions, its internal magnetic field will harmonize with the external one.

Scientists have found that maximum magnetic disturbances are observed at high latitudes. Consequently, the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere will find this information particularly relevant. In the text we will consider how to learn to use the power of magnets not to the detriment, but for the benefit of their bodies.

A giant leap in the development of this technology occurred with the appearance of the first laptops. First the matrixes were black and white, then colored, but only “passive” type. They displayed static images and the laptop’s desktop rather tellingly, but with the slightest movement the “picture” turned into a continuous ointment – it was impossible to make anything out on the screen.

Naturally, this limited the scope of the new type of displays. Further evolution of liquid crystal matrixes led to the creation of a new type – their “active”. Such displays were already better able to cope with the display of moving objects on the screen, and it contributed to the appearance of stationary monitors. In the early XXI century, the first LCD TVs appeared. Their diagonal was still small – about 15 inches.

Effect of magnets on the body

In order to assess the importance of the influence of magnetic fields on the human body, it is necessary to see all those processes that would be impossible without magnetism.

  • First, the body consists of billions of atoms, each of which is affected by a magnetic field.
  • Secondly, blood hemoglobin has magnetic properties.
  • Thirdly, it has been established that permanent and oscillating magnetic fields are characteristic of the human stomach with a period of several minutes.
  • Fourthly, when touching the hair, magnetic fields of constant electric currents appear on the skin.
  • Fifthly, the magnetic field changes as the skeletal muscles contract.
  • Sixth, doctors record the magnetic field in the eye.
  • Seventh, both electric and magnetic fields appear as the brain works.

The most terrible thing is that the magnetic field of the modern person weakens from day to day. It is connected with negative technogenic factors, and also an adverse ecological situation.

To support work of vital organs and systems, and also to promote normalisation of a health condition of the person, experts recommend to use magnetotherapy.

Magnetotherapy: What is it?

Magnetotherapy has a number of objective advantages compared to other forms of body treatment:

  • First of all, exposure to magnets does not bring any painful sensations;
  • Magnetotherapy is considered one of the gentlest and most gentle methods of physiotherapy;
  • Exposure to magnets is favourably tolerated by patients (including elderly people, weakened diseases, etc.);
  • Magnetotherapy has a very wide range of applications;
  • Magnetotherapy is not addictive;
  • Moreover, the action of magnets can penetrate through any surface and environment, which allows their use through plaster, ointment and even medical devices.

Magnetotherapy for headaches

Headaches are different in nature. Of course, we may have headaches for completely objective reasons: stress, fatigue, hangover syndrome, etc. But quite often we catch ourselves thinking that our head started to hurt for no reason, overnight. One of the explanations for these phenomena is magnetic storms. These natural phenomena cause a lot of anxiety to people who suffer from cardiovascular and circulatory system disorders.

During periods of magnetic disturbance a person may experience hypertension, breathing problems, increased nervous tension and, of course, headaches. The use of magnetotherapy significantly minimizes the impact of external magnetic fields on the human body. With systematic effects, there is a chance to forget about their dependence on geophysical phenomena.

Magnetotherapy for back pains

The most frequent cause of back pain is osteochondrosis, which is characterized by dystrophic-degenerative disorders of the vertebral column as well as damage to intervertebral discs.

As a rule, such problems occur in people who are under increased stress, have a sedentary lifestyle, do not eat properly enough, etc. As a result, discomfort and constant pain of varying degrees of severity begin to accompany a person’s life.

With the help of magnetotherapy, a person can influence the intensity of pain, and in some cases, even avoid it altogether. This effect is achieved through the effect of magnetism on the blood in the human body. Under the influence of magnetism, the liquid media in the body become less viscous and their fluidity improves.

As a result, microcirculation blood circulation reaches a new level. Cells and tissues get an additional portion of nutrients, get rid of slags. In this way the effect of regeneration of damaged tissues is achieved.

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