Health healing methods

At its core, healing is a method of transferring your energy to someone else. The healing energies are directed through your body, perhaps through spiritual guides, into the body of the patient to be healed. Although healing is done between two spirits, the effects of healing the patient’s spirit will manifest themselves physically.

These are the most common types of healing:

Pranic healing.

In healing, the healer uses universal life force, often called “prana” or “ki”, and transfers this energy to the patient.

Mental healing

Mental healing involves monitoring the patient’s cells to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Spiritual healing

In spiritual healing, the healer allows the universal healing power to penetrate the patient through him. This often includes strong, spiritual light.

The healer is right next to the patient.

It can be the healing method of health that you usually imagine. With this type of spiritual healing, the healer places his hands just above the patient. The healer comes very close to the patient, but does not come into contact. Many patients and healers prefer this method because it is non-invasive but produces direct results.

Magnetic treatment

Although the name may suggest, this treatment does not include magnets or any magnetism. Instead, this method involves direct contact between the healer and the patient to establish an open channel of energy communication. When direct contact occurs, the auras of the patient and the healer are mixed.

This method is called ‘magnetic’ because many early practices of this style of healing put their energies into an object (which ‘magnetised’ the object) and then passed the charged object to the patient to be placed on to the sick or damaged area.

Healers who use this method must be very careful to control how much energy they offer – it is very easy for a healer to overstress in this method and harm himself.

A method like this is a contact healing method in which a healer places his hands directly into an area that requires their attention.

Remote Healing

This form of healing can occur when there is a physical distance between the healer and the patient. Although the distance is much greater than the distance near the healing body, the healer is usually in the same room as the patient.

Remote healing is an excellent method for clients. Despite the distance, this process has the same results as any other style of healing.

Prayer healing

Healing in absence is based on the interaction of the divine spirit to help the healing process, and is usually performed by a spiritual mentor. This process usually involves prayer and rituals. Many healers keep a “Healing Book,” which lists the names of those who need help in the healing process.

Trans Healing

This healing method includes a healer who leads the patient into a trance-like state. Once in this state, the healer can do more direct energy transfer.

It is important that the patient is aware of everything that will happen during a trance healing session and that he is not caught by a trance. Many trance healing sessions are conducted with other people in the room to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that no negative energy is transmitted.

Health Healing Techniques

There are seemingly endless methods used to heal health. Healing health is a deeply personal process, and each healer has his own preferences and styles. Some healing methods may involve direct contact with the patient, such as magnetic healing. Other methods include a healer who is far away from the patient, for example, in remote treatment.

Healing can also be about the spirituality of the healer. The techniques of Tibetan Buddhist psychics are different from those of Christian psychics. However, there are several comprehensive healing methods that will provide an excellent starting point for any healer.

Many healers open up the transmission of energy to represent the pain their patient is experiencing. This places the healer and patient on the same emotional level and can help their auras blend effectively. This style is powerful, but should remain positive. Negative visualisation can be harmful to the healer and the patient.

Healers often use the power of crystals to retain energy or to amplify the healer’s energy frequency. The crystals are used as assistants in the healing process. Some crystals may be more useful than others, depending on what is being healed. For example, a healer who helps a patient with flu would use a different crystal than the one that healed the patient with insomnia.

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