Reiki Technique

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Reiki is a self-contained healing method that has helped many people.

Reiki technique attracts the attention of many as this technique is a phenomenon in healing practice for many people. It can be compared to many techniques and practices, only it has existed for a long time and all other techniques have developed on the basis of Reiki healing and its principles. Their emergence is slightly misleading to many of today’s young Reiki practitioners and those who have already decided to learn.

In this article, we have decided to talk a little about the benefits of Reiki, both the healing technique and the practice of self-healing of the Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Reiki can be applied by conducting sessions, both to oneself and others, with the help of superimposed hands.

Reiki can be used for remote sessions, meaning that every Reiki practitioner can send the healing energy from any distance, both to heal and to harmonize situations and relationships.

The technique of Reiki is used to solve problems on a karmic level, and with the help of the Karmic Channel of Reiki, it is possible to work out karmic programs of the present and the past and prevent them from repeating themselves in the future.

With the help of diagnostics, it is possible to identify energy plugs, gaps as well as side channels and outflows. Thanks to the symbols of the Glossary of Reiki Canal, you can perform a complete diagnosis of your body, as well as determine the size of your aura and biofield, chakras, the work of the business channel, how open the sexual energy channel is, and even determine your biological age.

With the help of the Reiki technique, it is possible to perform Blissing cleansing, both for oneself and others, blissing brings the body into harmony, by purifying and removing energy blocks at the level of thin bodies, balancing the chakras, organs and cells. This allows the new, or as we call it “Pure Energy”, to penetrate into our energy centers (chakras), channels (Nadi) and heal the body at a deeper level from diseases, excess emotions, experiences and stresses.

For chronic conditions, Reiki works both by applying your hands to the organs you are healing and by using the symbols of the Joe Reiki Canal, the healing channel. Symbols are used to heal many ailments, the canal consists of both the main pyramid and more than 100 additional symbols that work with intent and visualization.

In case of specific diseases, it is possible to choose a special pyramid of symbols and working with them for a certain period, you can significantly improve your health, and in the future to completely heal yourself from the ailments.

Reiki, as a healing technique, uses some techniques to purify and activate energy levels that cannot be compared to any other technique. Both the energy itself and the symbols of Reiki are used for this purpose.

Working with Reiki through the chakras strengthens the Reiki channel and raises our weight of intention. It also restores the function of our organs and cells. It restores the overall level of harmony, the level of vital activity.

As we perform a session of Reiki and saturate each chakra with energy, the organs within the chakra radius of the session are healed and brought into harmony.

Everyone can work with the technique of Reiki, and both children and adults can learn personal harmony and balancing. In order for a beginner in the practice of Reiki to be connected to clean energy and begin to use it, he must receive an adjustment that is done only by a master Reiki teacher, all chakras are cleaned when initiated, opened and connected to the Reiki Healing Channel.

Also, this is only done at the Reiki Energy School, where the leg channels are opened to connect to the ground and open the Reiki energy channel: “Earth – Man – Universe and Universe – Man – Earth”. The mystery of initiation requires special preparation, as there must be a certain level of training to work with energies.

Reiki Masters use the Energy of the Universe to heal, they do not use their energy and they do not use the energy of others. During Reiki sessions, they connect to the Energy of Reiki and act as conductors, and the energy itself is distributed throughout the body, determining where more energy is needed and where less energy is needed.

Each level of Reiki learning, the so-called steps, is the development from the Reiki Practitioner to the Master of Reiki, for not everyone can become a Master of Reiki, either by their life ambitions, or simply by their life mission, or as we call it: “life purpose”.

And those who choose to devote themselves to Reiki, taking on the full responsibility of both teacher and master, undergo all levels of training and become Master Teachers, giving them the right to both teach and initiate, that is, to conduct Reiki settings.

The daily practice of Reiki gives the body purification on the energy level, as we call it, “Hygiene of the Soul, Spirit, and Body”. You will understand for yourself if you do the analogy to daily morning water procedures such as brushing your teeth and washing your teeth or taking a morning shower.

Reiki Masters of Reiki practitioners are convinced that energy hygiene is one of the biggest advantages of the Reiki School of Energy, such cleaning can be done with the intention and symbols of Reiki, already trained in the 2nd stage of Reiki.

Thus, Reiki is a healing and a way to help alleviate pain and suffering. Also, the technique of Reiki is to help you work to understand many diseases, to get results on the physical level.

The Reiki Technique can work independently and simultaneously with other techniques and traditional medicine. We always say that regardless of the healing technique you have chosen for yourself: shamanism, Chinese qigong, Reiki, massage, chiropractic, yoga, medicine – the most important thing is to find the cause of the disease and be able to understand it, for complete healing of both body, soul and spirit.

Because our main task or mission is the evolution of our Spirit and the proper treatment of organs and cells.

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