Crystal singing bowls: the power of sound therapy

In Ancient India, it was believed that everything around, even the densest matter, produces vibrations. In today’s world, science has confirmed this view. A good example is crystal singing bowls. They emit special vibrations that affect the whole body.

How crystal singing bowls work…

Water is one of the main components of the human body and also serves as a conductor of various vibrations emanating from light, sound, electromagnetic radiation. All this affects the body, reacting differently to each phenomenon.

Besides the fact that vibrations are perceived by hearing, they also cause a response from the cells. The body always reacts to vibrations around it. The singing bowls produce sounds and vibrations that soothe and bring the body into a state of harmony.

In the age of technology, the world is full of objects that produce vibrations that are harmful to health. Examples include cars and other vehicles, high voltage cables and fluorescent lamps. Because of them, the balance in the body is disturbed and the body and mind begin to work worse.

Negative effects can be prevented by the sound of crystal singing bowls. No matter how harmful the surrounding vibrations, the vibrations of these musical instruments will still bring order among them. All you have to do is take a comfortable position, listen to the pleasant sounds, and you will immediately feel their beneficial effect.

Due to the fact that our body consists mostly of water that conducts vibrations, it also reacts to vibrations of different frequencies and all kinds of radiation, which can have not only positive effects.

The universe creates waves that are natural to humans, and the pure sounds of musical instruments help the body ‘tune’ them.

Since ancient times, all nations have known and used the healing powers of vibrations. Special instruments such as gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, wind music, etc. were created for this purpose. Amazingly, even the human voice has healing properties, and it is considered one of the most effective instruments.

Crystal (crystal) singing bowls have recently opened to the world. They fill the surrounding space with harmony and purify the energy. These abilities have been tested by healers, professionals working with sounds, and those who practice meditation.

Instruments are made of quartz, which is a natural material, so they produce sound vibrations that sound at the same frequency as the planet. There are crystal singing bowls at 432 Hz and 440 Hz.

Harmonious resonance frequencies of the human body are restored or strengthened by the pure sound of these instruments. They have a beneficial effect not only on the physical state of the body, but also on the spiritual, emotional.

The body responds to the sound vibrations emanating from the crystal bowls and is immersed in a state of balance.

They relieve stress, depression and fatigue. Their sounds are brought into a meditative state and give peace of mind.

The singing bowls are filled with beneficial energy more than other musical instruments. There is no way to use them to their detriment, so the patterns on these objects do not degrade or improve them, but only make the message from the vibrations stronger. They can also fill it in a certain way, such as for wisdom, health, spiritual lift or luck. Whatever the energy, it always has a positive effect, gives strength to various undertakings and purifies.

The sounds made by the singing crystal bowl are unlikely to be heard anywhere else, because they are unique and the instrument itself is unique.

There are many other reasons why these products can be considered a real miracle. All kinds of health qualities of these musical instruments became known in the West only at the end of XX century.

Now there are many specialists engaged in sound therapy. With the help of singing bowls, they establish a balance in a variety of spheres of life. If a person is a good sound therapist, it is enough to have only one correctly chosen instrument to work real wonders.

Resonance is also important. The body’s vibrations react to the sounds of the bowl, so that the balance is established and the person plunges into a state of calm and serenity. Oscillations of the musical instrument reach the level of brain waves and “tune” them to a harmonious frequency. Crystal singing bowls are unique and different from other devices used in sound therapy.

How to Choose a Crystal Singing Bowl

All crystal singing bowls are divided into two types: suitable and those that are not suitable for humans. When choosing, you must make sure that the instrument suits the potential owner. This requires listening to the sound and paying attention to your own reaction. The bowl is not suitable if the person does not feel any special emotions from it or if the feelings are unpleasant.

You should not treat her choice irresponsibly and buy one that is “almost normal” or imposed by someone around her, because there is a chance to waste money. A suitable crystal bowl should produce sounds that cause relaxation and satisfaction, as well as clarify the mind.

Recording the sound of instruments is also important. Before buying, you should listen to and evaluate them to understand what makes a pleasant impression and uplifts your mood.

When buying a crystal bowl, it is important to consider your own feelings. In the shop it is worth to look at the instrument, to try it in work, to hear the sounds. It is not enough to bring a wonderful device into action. It is important that its sound responds in the shower. If this happens, it means the bowl is exactly right for its buyer.

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