A few words about spiritual healing

Lucky to know people who were initially involved in the promotion of a new trend in the Theta Hilling therapy. I will leave no comments on the healing techniques, because as part of the course on hypnotherapy we understand everything in detail. Much more interesting to study the biography of the founder of Vianna Stibal (Vianna Stibal), the real and described on the official website do not differ much.

And in the end to understand how the method is imbued with the worldview of the creator and so almost in all such cases. Hence the frequent belief that the success of therapy affects the personality of the operator. Similar to that, hence the effectiveness of change.

P. S. Post wrote after communicating with one of the earliest clients who went to ThetaHealing, became an instructor and persistently moves the topic. As it is remembered, then at sessions, thanks to hypnabelism, through tears removed the lion’s share of repressed emotions, but without the procedure of forgiveness.

Apparently, the problem partly remained, well, once a year continued to search, tried to forgive, it turned out and the feeling of well-being has reached “ideal level”. Now accepts acquaintances and former colleagues, worked well in a very large organization, where she had an impeccable reputation.

There has been a long way from the inception of the Orian technique in 1994 to the modern Theta Healing technique and all that is associated with it nowadays. I did not go this way alone – together with me there were theta-practitioners and instructors who actively supported my work. The theta healing technique continues to develop and blossom like a beautiful tree in spring, and it nourishes the sincere interest of people all over the world.

My name is Vianna. I am the founder of a technique now known as Theta Healing. I was born with an innate ability to intuitively penetrate the essence of things, though I did not plan to use this ability to heal in the beginning. The first subjects I studied were Taoism, healing nutrition and medicinal plants, and I chose them because of personal health problems. These were my interests that led me to create the Natural Path – the name I chose for my activities.

The health problems became the stimulus I needed to focus on the study of naturopathy. In March 1994, immediately after finishing my naturopathy course, I started my own business offering clients massages, nutritional advice and naturopathic treatments.

Soon I realized that I was on the right track. I met a psychic who offered me to do “reading” for money. As if by magic wand, I had an office where I could work, and clients who did not run out of money. In the first week of work I met a man who became my best friend, and acquired many regular clients who came to me to “read” them.

During these “readings”, I noticed that, listening, I can hear the instructions given to me by the Creator himself. I was very successful in intuitive “reading” and I was asked to lead a class to teach my technique. This is how my career as a medical intuitiveist began. Since then, my metaphysical experience has increased exponentially, defining what I had to become.

Meanwhile, I had a huge problem with my right leg. It’s swollen from time to time, becoming twice its normal size. Because of the inflammation and the severe pain, I decided it was time for me to seek help from traditional medicine. And in August 1995, I was diagnosed with right thigh bone cancer.

All the tests done at the time confirmed it. The bone specialist said there were only two cases in his practice like mine. He also said that an amputation might be the best option for me, as I would live a little longer in this case.

I felt as if a dense darkness had thickened around me. I was referred to the University of Utah for a biopsy and was told that my leg would have to be cut so the doctor could scrape off a bone sample for analysis, and I had no other choice.

I was taken to the biopsy by Blake, who was still my husband at the time, and I spent four hours in the car with the intolerable pain. I was admitted to a hospital at the University of Utah, and I had to stay conscious throughout the procedure, forced to listen to the deaf hammering and terrible howling of the drill. I was advised to stay in the hospital overnight, but since we didn’t have insurance, Blake notified the hospital staff that we were leaving.

I was too weak to argue with him. Despite the agonizing pain, he put me in the car and drove me to his brother’s house, where we were supposed to spend the night before we went home for a long drive.

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